Prillo is a laboratory specialized in the production of bases of pizza. The company was founded by people with long-standing experience in the sector. We are continously looking after new solutions in order to create products that satisfay our clients' needs and in which we transfer our knowledge. Our core activity is the production of the manually made bases of pizza. The whole process is done in an environment and with equipments that respect the higienesanitary norms, in the same time focusing on the constant and high quality standards. The ingredients are rigorously selected and trasformed but they maintain their quality without using any conserve materials added. This innovative product substitutes the pizza made on the spot by a real pizza maker, in the same time guaranteeing the appearance and taste. It is always ready for use and it can be baked in any type of oven. It is a healthy and genuine nutritional product. As a resul, the pizza has a great fragrance and it is light, its flavor is very intense and it can be easily digested


  • easy
  • convenient
  • hygienic
  • healthy
  • no waste
  • always ready for use