Solutions for pizza:
overall consultation on anything related to the Pizza.
Know-how stemming from the daily contact with restaurant owners and pizza makers.

Personalized delivery of the product on request of the Clients. 

We deliver our pizzas to restaurants that wanted to widen their menù with the pizza as well, to pizzerias with wood stove, hotels, bars and breweries. 

For the restaurants
We give you technical support to show you with your own equipment and staff how to prepare the pizza and we help you in inserting the pizza in the most simple manner and with no investment into you menù. The result is the excellent and fresh pizza. 
For the pizzerias

The pizza -makers' activity can be distinguished by the dough, which is able to offer higher quality to the Clients. That is why we use various types of dough, be it biological or gluten-free.

New activity
If you start to run a new business, you must offer a great quality product to your Clients.  This is Prillo's philosophy, that has already helped businesses in the start-up phase. For instance, we gave advice on how to best use the kitchen- what type of owen to buy, the best topping combined with the pizza based on its type of dough.